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Margaret Thatcher would have much to answer for, were she still alive today.

Every successive UK government operates in the full knowledge that it can conceal crucial, sensitive documents for 20 years, creating an accountability vacuum.

Following my accessing and inspection of UK government documents which became available some time ago, my book is an exposé on the concealed conduct of the Conservative government which quickly raised a task force in response to the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands on 2nd April 1982.

I have raised 12 important questions which I’m currently working through here on Substack as my book’s publication date approaches. There are many more issues explored and questions asked in the book itself.

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"Return to Bomb Alley - The Falklands Deception"; eBook, print book, audiobook out now


Whistleblower. Employer destroyer. Veteran. Proud husband and dad.